How to setup email on the iphone or ipad

Getting email setup on the iphone is simple and will take you about 5 minutes to follow this guide. Whilst these steps will work for most customers occassionaly depending on your phone or internet service provider you may require a little more trouble shooting. 


Let's setup an IMAP email connection to your webfrog server account


Step 1 - Select settings 


Setting up email on the iphone

Step 2 - Select Mail, Contacts and Calendars 


Mail, Contacts and Calendars

Step 3 - Select Add Account


Add new account 

Step 4 - Select Other


Select Other

Step 5 - Add New Account


Add mail account

Step 6 - Add your name, email address and your email password.  (Once added select next to continue.)


Add your mail details

Step 7 - Make sure IMAP is selected then add your incoming mail server details.


Incoming is


Your username is your full email address.



Step 8 - Is identical to step 7 just repeat the details for the outgoing mail server. Press next when done


See example



Step 9 - The device will now check your settings and should come back with a number of ticks followed by a option to save.


Please note: If a message comes up asking to trust this certificate select trust.






Common problems: Sometimes your device will fail to detect the correct port to use. If this is the case your mail setup will not work click here to see solution

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