Your website is your portal to the world

An introduction to the importance of a good web design


Understanding market influences that impact your business is important! Your business is effected when your consumers stop buying or using your services. This is a normal part of business and cycle that we will all experience at some point or another. Whether you are a new business starting out or an existing business trying to recover from a decline in sales or stock movement we are all essentially after one thing "Profit margin".


Your profit is gross sales minus your expenses. In saying this many businesses feel the need to speed up production, lay off staff, cut back on advertising so on and so forth. Webfrog are in business just like yourself and understand the importance of reducing costs to maximise profits. The things we commonly cut costs on potentially have a negative affect on our businesses. Laying off staff, cutting back on advertising and speeding up production will often lead to a lower moral and customer service, lower quality product and lack of market awareness.


A website is the answer to your business problems even if you have one already and is not doing anything for you, a website is the answer to your business problems. Webfrog can help you! Our proven system and range of affordable marketing solutions will open your business to the world 24/7. At Webfrog we not only design and build your website but we provide the skills and tools that you'll need to manage your website yourself without any technical skills.


Check out our Shopping Cart System or Content Management System Our Campbelltown web design team, marketers and business developers are ready to help. It is our job to learn your business and provide the tools and support you will need to increase your market share. That is where Webfrog and our team of designers, marketing developers and business specialists come in. Not only can we make you a stunning website that reflects who you are but we are also knowledgeable in various areas of internet marketing, communications, sales skills, customer relations and presentations.


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The most important thing to be aware of is the generation change. With just about an entire generation with a mobile phone, Iphone, laptop or computer we all have access to the internet somewhere. It is a proven fact that more and more people use search engines to find a product, service or information. In 2008 Google reported that an estimated 2 billion searches a day were performed on their website this is from 10 thousand searches a day in 1998.


That is a massive indication of the generation change ahead. More and more people are moving business online to maintain business share and market awareness. Remember! use a reputable developer and be careful of small developers. Ensure you will have on going support, will recieve feedback and that your website is a credit / reflection of your business. Ensure that your website is optimised for search engines and that you care as much about your website as you do your shop, factory or office.


Our Campbelltown web designers are proud to be part of a dynamic team and have launched many businesses who are now selling interstate and across the world. Remember your website is litteraly your portal to the world, so do it right and choose Webfrog. Contact us today for a free, no obligation consultation about your business

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