Setting up Outlook 2013

Setting up email on Microsoft Outlook 2013


Step 1 - Launch Outlook 2013 either found in your task bar or in the menu bar.


Step 2 - Select File located in the top left corner of Outlook then Under account information select add account


Adding outlook email

Step 3 - Select manual setup or additional server types then click next


Creating a email address in outlook



Step 4 - Selecting the account type. You will select POP or IMAP unless otherwise directed by Webfrog


Setting up pop or imap


Step 5 - Complete all the details using your name, email address and of course password. 


Select account type POP 3 / IMAP (Which one do i need?)


Your incoming and outgoing server settings will be (This is a secure server setup)


Email settings for webfrog


Step 6 - Select more settings - Advanced Tab and complete the deails so they match below


Please note: If using IMAP you will need to use port 993 instead of 995


Setting up SSL over pop 3

  Step 7 - Select ok then select next on your main account screen.


Your POP 3 or IMAP email account is now ready to use. 


Did you know: You can login to your webmail and download specific mail settings! Just visit (replace yourdomainname with your website address)

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